"Collaborating with George was a great experience. He invested time in understanding the needs of the Pattard website and how it could be revitalised. Delighted with the final outcome!"
- Tim Newton (Owner of Pattard Cottages) 

Pattard Cottages
Embarking on an exclusive project to rejuvenate the digital presence of Pattard Cottages in North Devon, my primary goal was to craft a website that not only simplifies the booking process but also invites users to explore each cottage's unique features engagingly. My focus was on seamlessly integrating form and function, ensuring that the cottages remained at the forefront of the digital experience.
Upon assessing the previous website design, it became evident that the platform had become outdated and detached from contemporary standards. While functional, it lacked user clarity and failed to align with the distinctive characteristics of Pattard Cottages. 
My design approach prioritized functionality, aiming to empower users with easy access and a visually cohesive experience. Recognizing the diverse target demographic, my design focused on accessibility and usability, offering a creative variety of layouts while maintaining a user-friendly navigation. The result is a website that not only harmonizes with the brand but also breathes life into the holiday cottages, embodying both modern aesthetics and the authentic spirit of North Devon.
Responsive Website 
Responsive Mobile Site 
Brand Identity

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The Website  
Harnessing the capabilities of Figma and Wix has resulted in a distinctive and custom outcome, adeptly functioning within the established parameters of the Wix website creator. Despite facing specific limitations, especially within the constraints of Wix, I am assured that the end product presents a meticulously detailed website, providing users with a welcoming and modern experience. Personally, the process within Wix presented challenges regarding the adaptability of elements, both those that could and could not be modified. However, even with these constraints, the website successfully directs users and ensures an immersive experience.
The design adopts a neutral colour palette, centered around off-white and green tones, harmonizing with the tranquil and natural ambiance of North Devon. Though the structure may appear simplistic, the primary emphasis is on elucidating the diverse offerings of Pattard with utmost clarity.​​​​​​​
As the website nears completion, the primary user interface has been meticulously finalized and strategically launched to gather valuable public feedback. This stage aims to assess the redesign's impact on user interaction and site traffic. Concurrently, I am actively immersed in the process of integrating interactive elements into the design to enhance user engagement. Additionally, a thorough exploration of SEO enhancements is underway to amplify the website's visibility and ensure a more robust online presence.
The Mobile Site
Delving into the intricacies of mobile design, I took great care to capture the website's essence within the constraints of a smaller screen. Placing a premium on functionality, my goal was to curate a mobile experience that effortlessly steers users from exploring cottages to finalizing bookings. Careful consideration was given to every aspect, from buttons to text, ensuring seamless alignment with the desktop version and optimizing the overall user experience. This unwavering commitment to a smooth and user-friendly interaction on mobile devices ensures that consumers enjoy the finest booking experience, even on smaller screens.

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