"No boring designs the more it looks like the weirdest cookbook you have ever seen, the more you are on the right road." 
-Professor Phil Cleaver
The project in partnership with Professor Phil Cleaver presented an exciting opportunity to unleash creativity and craft an exceptionally distinctive cookbook design. Drawing inspiration from the concept of Ikea's flat pack furniture, an innovative approach was taken to translate this idea into the realm of gastronomy. 
Through visually capturing food items assembled in unconventional ways, a series of captivating food compositions were created. The accompanying information would then guide users, akin to an instruction manual, on how to deconstruct and reconstruct these culinary delights, offering a truly unique and interactive cooking experience.

Editorial Design​​​​​​​
Creative Cookbook
The Cookbook Design
The design of the project drew inspiration from the distinctive aesthetic of Ikea, incorporating elements of Scandinavian style to establish a truly unique design approach. By embracing this particular design style, it not only informed the overall structure of the project but also contributed to the creation of an engaging and unparalleled cookbook experience.

The design incorporated distinct elements that effectively captured the essence of the cookbook's uniqueness. In addition to the unconventional photographic imagery, an intriguing touch was introduced by translating the recipe text into Scandinavian languages, while keeping the instructions in English. This blending of languages added an extra layer of intrigue and sophistication to the cookbook, further enhancing its distinctiveness.

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