"Discover the world's most stunning and 
award- winning cabins, all in one place!"
Architectural Inspired Website​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
In this project, my aim was to create a desktop/ Mobile prototype that is not only responsive but also one-of-a-kind. With a strong focus on the theme of architecture, I selected the subject matter of architectural cabins, as provided by the renowned platform Dezeen. 

Through this project, I wanted to showcase the sheer beauty and elegance of these cabins while providing a highly engaging user experience that would leave visitors spellbound.
Responsive Website 
Responsive Mobile Site 
The Website Walk Through
Through the utilization of Adobe XD and prototyping, the design was skillfully translated into a vivid representation, breathing life into its elements. 
The design itself serves as a testament to the remarkable ability to reimagine and revive the fundamental aspects, all while encapsulating the very essence of these distinctive architectural cabins. Employing a well-defined grid structure, the website seamlessly integrates elements derived from the realm of architecture, further enhancing its visual and functional coherence.
The Mobile Walk through
The design of the mobile site was carefully crafted to harmoniously align with the visual aesthetic of the website, aiming to establish a seamless connection between platforms. The objective was to deliver a consistent and cohesive user experience, regardless of whether the content was accessed through a mobile device or a desktop computer. 
Simultaneously, the mobile app was meticulously designed to optimize navigation and interactivity, ensuring ease of use for users. Despite the challenges of limited screen space, special attention was given to the layout, skillfully capturing the essence of architectural beauty within the confined dimensions of a mobile interface.

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