"Discover the world's most stunning and
award-winning cabins, all in one place!"​​​​​​​

The Context
In this project, I aimed to design a desktop and mobile prototype that stands out for its responsiveness and uniqueness. I focused on the architectural theme, specifically on cabins, inspired by the distinguished designs featured on Dezeen. This selection allowed me to explore and reimagine architectural concepts in a digital environment, bridging traditional elements with modern functionality to create a user-friendly interface that highlights the beauty and intricacy of architectural cabins.
Web Design, UI/UX Design

Adobe XD
After Effects 

4 Month Duration
The Problem
While reviewing Dezeen's architectural cabins, I observed a disparity between their beauty and the presentation quality. The site's simplistic layout failed to highlight the cabins' elegance, leading to an unsatisfactory user experience. This posed a major challenge in creating a design that truly represents the cabins' distinctiveness and allure, while also delivering a rich and interactive experience on various devices.
The source of the "Top 10 architectural cabins" by Dezeen
The Solution
To meet this challenge, I leveraged Adobe XD and advanced prototyping to create a design that accurately reflects the character of diverse architectural cabins. The site design acts as a showcase, breathing new life into core elements while maintaining the unique identity of each cabin. A clear grid structure ensures the website integrates architectural elements smoothly, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. I prioritized user engagement, ensuring an interactive experience across all pages.
For the mobile version, I crafted a design that complements the desktop experience, providing a unified aesthetic across different devices. The mobile design was developed with careful consideration to ensure easy navigation and a user-friendly interface, despite the smaller screen size constraints. The aim was to provide a consistent and seamless user experience, whether the viewer is accessing the content from a mobile device or a desktop.
Significant research, development and testing throughout the project, helped the design evolve. This process not only shaped the final product but also ensured that every element of the design was refined to embody the project's essence and objectives.
The deliberate use of a bold color palette and consistent typography significantly enhanced the design, establishing a uniform and coherent aesthetic throughout the project.
The design integrates orange highlights, creating a striking contrast against the dark background, offering a distinctive and engaging user experience.
Leveraging Adobe XD's prototyping capabilities, the website was revitalized to give users a glimpse of the potential experience, bringing the digital environment to life.
Explore the video below for a comprehensive view of the desktop prototype.

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