"Collaborating with George was a great experience. He invested time in understanding the needs of the Pattard website and how it could be revitalised. Delighted with the outcome!"​​​​​​​
- Tim Newton 
(Owner of Pattard Cottages) 

The Context
Pattard Cottages, located in North Devon, approached me to revitalize their website. They aimed to prioritize a streamlined booking system while also highlighting the cottages' unique features to entice users to explore further.This project was an opportunity to blend functionality with aesthetic appeal, ensuring an intuitive user journey from browsing to booking, all while capturing the unique charm of the cottages.​​​​​​​

Wix Website 

5 Month Duration
The Problem
Upon evaluating the previous website design, it became apparent that the platform had become outdated and disconnected from contemporary standards. While it served its purpose, it lacked clarity for users and failed to reflect the distinctive characteristics of Pattard Cottages. Addressing this posed a challenge in delivering a design solution that effectively aligned with modern user expectations while showcasing the essence of the cottages.
Pattard Cottages Original Website
The Solution
My design strategy prioritised functionality, aiming to provide users with intuitive access and a visually cohesive experience. Recognising the diverse target audience, I focused on accessibility and usability, offering a creative range of layouts while maintaining user-friendly navigation. The outcome is a website that not only aligns with the brand identity but also breathes life into the holiday cottages, embodying modern aesthetics and the authentic spirit of North Devon. 
Leveraging the capabilities of Figma and Wix, I crafted a distinctive and tailored outcome, seamlessly integrating within the parameters of the Wix website creator. Despite encountering limitations, particularly within the constraints of Wix, I am confident that the final product delivers a meticulously detailed website, offering users a welcoming and contemporary experience. Despite challenges in adaptability within Wix, the website effectively guides users and ensures an immersive experience.
Pattard Cottages combines rustic charm with modern usability, offering a visually engaging and user-friendly experience that highlights the beauty and tranquillity of North Devon's countryside.
Focus was taken to ensure that the mobile version was as user-friendly as the website to keep user engagement high throughout the design. 
The design keeps the cottages central, adopting a simple style enriched with a green and off-white colour palette, which subtly nods to both Pattard’s essence and North Devon's natural charm.
Establishing a clear navigation flow on the homepage and main cottage pages was essential, serving as the foundational framework that transformed the website's design.

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