"A Magazine to be experienced with all senses"
- Freude. Forever

Freude. Forever
The primary objective of this project was to address a prevalent issue: the inadequate representation of creative magazines in the digital realm, resulting in uninspiring user experiences. Recognizing this challenge, careful consideration was given to select the Magazine Freude Forever, a publication that celebrates various senses and embodies a distinct creative essence. 
Through a meticulous approach, it became apparent that the magazine's unique style was not adequately reflected on their website, particularly when it came to presenting information about their diverse articles. 
Consequently, a responsive desktop and mobile website was crafted, aiming to encapsulate the magazine's creativity while delivering an immersive and captivating user experience.
Responsive Website 
Responsive Mobile Site 
The Website Walk Through 
By harnessing the power of Adobe XD and proficient prototyping techniques, the design was masterfully transformed into a vibrant manifestation, infusing vitality into every element. 
The website comprises three distinct sections: articles, about, and purchase. While the concept itself may seem straightforward, the true essence of the site lies in the meticulous execution of its layout. Through the implementation of distinctive and unconventional layouts, the website succeeds in capturing the very spirit and identity of Freude Forever.
In addition to the captivating website, a mobile version was meticulously crafted, ensuring that it maintained the same aesthetic appeal as its desktop counterpart. The mobile site was thoughtfully designed to embrace the magazine's distinctive style, featuring a custom layout that further enhanced the immersive user experience. The goal was to seamlessly translate the magazine's unique essence onto the mobile platform, resulting in a cohesive and engaging user experience across different devices.​​​​​​​

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