Guardian sport, keeping pace with Qatar
FIFA World Cup
Qatar World Cup
In collaboration with Helloyes, this project sought to develop a versatile motion sequence for the Qatar World Cup. Simplicity was deemed paramount to the project's success. As such, a consistent structure was employed throughout the design, enabling the video to seamlessly align with the desired aesthetic of being socially adaptable and flexible. 
The emphasis on flexibility was crucial, ensuring that the design could be efficiently modified to accommodate the diverse requirements of different football teams, while maintaining a clear connection to the branding of the Qatar World Cup.
Motion Design 
Sports Branding
The Video
The design stayed true to the branding of The Guardian sports and used the official FIFA Qatar world cup brand identity. 
The System
The system has been intentionally designed to maintain utmost simplicity, predominantly utilizing squares and triangular shapes. However, this design style also serves to capture the dynamic and high-speed nature of the game, achieved through the strategic incorporation of arrows and lines. 
Furthermore, this concept is further accentuated through the motion graphics, which are intentionally kept minimalistic and fast-paced, directly mirroring the energetic essence of football. ​​​​​​​

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