"No boring designs the more it looks like
weirdest cookbook you have ever seen, the 
more you are on the right road."
- Professor Phill Cleaver

The Context
Collaborating with Professor Phil Cleaver, the project presented an exciting opportunity to channel creativity into crafting a distinctively innovative cookbook design. Inspired by Ikea's flat-pack furniture concept, I aimed to infuse gastronomy with a similarly inventive approach.
Editorial Design

Adobe Indesign

3 Month Duration
The Challenge
The challenge emerged in translating the flat pack concept into the realm of culinary arts while maintaining the structure and tone of a cookbook. I needed to create visually captivating food compositions, reminiscent of Ikea's assembly instructions, that would guide users through deconstructing and reconstructing dishes for a unique cooking experience.​​​​​​​
IKEA inspiration including "Flat pack guide" and "Ikea Book"
The Solution
Drawing from Ikea's aesthetic and Scandinavian design principles, I established a unique visual style that informed the structure of the cookbook. The design incorporated unconventional photographic imagery paired with recipe text translated into Scandinavian languages, enhancing the cookbook's allure and sophistication while maintaining usability and accessibility in English instructions. This blend of languages added depth and intrigue, elevating the cookbook's distinctiveness and engaging users in a novel culinary journey.​​​​​​​
Through visually capturing food items assembled in unconventional ways, a series of captivating food compositions were created. The accompanying information would then guide users, akin to an instruction manual, on how to deconstruct and reconstruct these culinary delights, offering a truly unique and interactive cooking experience.
A creative cookbook with Scandinavia at 
heart along with creativity and food combined!
Unique and strange photographic images not only helped portray the theme of the flat pack furniture but also provided the most unique focal point to the viewer.
Using creative magazines to help inspire each design and produce a unique style.
Continually inspired by the style of IKEA using text and imagery carefully throughout a design to create a meaningful outcome.

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